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Property Transactions

We specialise in:

  • Sales & Purchases of all types of property (apartments, houses, shared equity etc) both commercial and residential whether freehold or leasehold or registered or not at the land registry
  • Remortgages and First mortgages of properties
  • Right to Buy purchases of Council houses
  • Purchases of Buy to Let properties
  • Purchases of Government Help to Buy Scheme properties
  • Deeds of Gifts of mortgage free properties
  • Transfers of Equity of mortgaged properties
  • Sales on behalf of Executors, Administrators and Attorneys

We do not charge additional fees in respect of unregistered or leasehold land.

We don't want you to phone round our competitors for a conveyancing quote but you should be clued up if you do.

You should ask:

  • Do you charge for verifying my identity and complying with anti-money laundering legislation?
  • Do you charge for completing the HMRC Stamp Duty Land tax form?
  • Do you charge extra if I am buying with a mortgage or paying one off?
  • Do you charge extra if the house I am buying is leasehold?
  • Do you charge extra if the property I am buying is not already registered at the Land Registry?
  • Do you charge what the search providers & the land registry charge you or do you add extra on?
  • Do you charge for postage or photocopying or a non-refundable up front administration fee?
  • Do you pay referral fees to Estate Agents or any other third party?

Here at Hargreaves Gilman we quote one fee to do all of these things. We have no hidden extras. By the time all these extras are added on, our competition is usually more expensive than us. Their quotes may look attractive at first sight but you must look at the small print and of course it is definitely not all about the cost.

Further enquiries should be made:

  • Will the person dealing with my matter be a qualified experienced Solicitor looking after me throughout the whole transaction or will I have to deal with different team members reliant on computers to tell them what is happening?
  • Will a real person answer the telephone and take a message if the Solicitor is unavailable?
  • Will I be able to come in and speak to the Solicitor in person?
  • If I struggle filling in forms or understanding the legal phrases or procedure can I come in and sit down with someone to help me?

Here at Hargreaves Gilman all these services are offered as standard. We place client care and customer satisfaction at the top of our aims and that's why so much of our work comes to us by recommendations and repeat business. There is no need for us to pay for work to come to us and in this way we remain loyal to you and your needs not to the referrer because we are scared they will take their referrals elsewhere. Those who do pay referral fees cannot afford to pay Solicitors to deal with the transaction throughout and must rely on volume work and supervision of unqualified staff.

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