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Police Station Advice

If the police ever want to question you about any crime or road traffic offence, you are entitled to legal advice at the Police Station and Alan Rogerson will attend with you. It doesn’t matter what time of day or night, he can be there for you. Just phone his mobile – 07850 864 694 or ask the Police to do so for you, as they are obliged to phone him on your behalf. Legal Aid is available for his attendance in almost all cases.

Court Representation

If you have already been charged with a criminal offence you will need representation at Court and you will more than likely be entitled to Legal Aid – just phone Alan Rogerson at the office or on his mobile and arrange for him to see you before your Court appearance and to attend Court with you.

If you have already received a Summons for a driving offence, your licence and probably your job may be at risk.

Phone Alan Rogerson for specialist advice and representation at Court and he will do everything he can to avoid you losing your licence.

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