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Administration of Deceaseds' Estates

Taking on this role is a great responsibility. It is time consuming and there are many pitfalls. You are personally liable for your actions, however well meaning they may be.

Our experts can administer the whole estate from arranging the funeral to a distribution of assets to the beneficiaries or just to extract the Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration.

This includes preparation of the necessary Oath and submission of Returns to HMRC to claim maximum inheritance tax exemptions (ie. spouse and charitable) and for transfers of the nil rate band and residence allowances to reduce or even extinguish any inhertance tax liability.

Fixed fees can be quoted or a ceiling placed on professional charges at the outset.

Most clients say that they feel that a heavy burden has been lifted from their shoulders when they hand the paperwork over to the Solicitor to be dealt with in a professional reliable way.

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