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Don't follow the crowd - Make a Will! 70% of adults die intestate without leaving a Will - don't be one of them.

Have you...

  • Bought a property?
  • A child under 18 who would need a guardian to take care of them?
  • A grown-up child living with you?
  • A disabled child in receipt of benefits?
  • Recently inherited?
  • Concerns about long-term care needs?
  • Thought about inheritance tax?
  • Lost a loved one?
  • Lost a Beneficiary or Executor named in your current Will?
  • Not reviewed your existing Will in the last 5 years?

If it is Yes to any of these questions it means you need to take action and make a Will or amend an existing Will.

Why You Need To Instruct Us To Draw Up A Will

  • Our Qualified Experienced Solicitor will guide you through the process to suit your particular circumstances
  • We see you in person twice to discuss your requirements
  • We provide the witnesses
  • The whole process can be completed within 15 working days
  • We store your original Will for nothing
  • It is not expensive
  • It gives you and your family peace of mind
  • It creates certainty and reduces the risk of family disputes after you have gone
  • You appoint a person in charge right from the date of your death
  • It takes much longer to administer an intestate estate where you have lost touch with your distant relatives who are entitled to inherit
  • You can decide where your hard earned assets should go on your death

Making a Will is on most people's 'to do list' and our clients are always pleasantly surprised at how easy and painless it is. So don't delay any longer make an appointment NOW

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